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What is Litigation Funding?2022-01-19T12:09:31+01:00

Litigation funding (also known in the UK as Third Party Funding) is a form of litigation financing which involves the funder paying some or all of a party’s legal costs of pursuing a claim in return for a share of the proceeds on success. 

What happens if the case is not successful, will I have to repay some money?2022-01-27T10:05:35+01:00

No. The litigation funder only gets paid if your case is successful and damages have been obtained. Litigation funding is non-recourse if the case fails.

Do clients have to pay anything during the whole process?2022-01-19T16:13:23+01:00

No. There is no cost to clients.

Is it possible to obtain payment for costs incurred by a client before the financing was approved?2022-01-19T16:16:09+01:00

As long as these costs are included in the agreed financing budget, historical costs can be financed. 

Is it possible to take out adverse costs insurance (ATE insurance)?2022-01-19T12:18:10+01:00

Insurance (ATE insurance) can be taken out to cover the risk of any adverse costs award and to ensure that the claimant has this risk covered.

How do I apply for Litigation Funding?2022-01-19T12:19:39+01:00

We invite clients to contact RAMCO by email or telephone and make an enquiry under a confidentiality agreement. We usually request a summary of the case from the lawyers, including details of the claim, the amount of the claim and the budget for pursuing the claim, together with details of the defendants. 

What about privilege?2022-01-19T16:14:50+01:00

Privilege protects communications between the parties and the lawyers. We therefore ask all claimants to sign our NDA as soon as they start sharing information with us.

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