On 15 September, Cristina Soler, CEO of Ramco, participated in the Third Session of the Series of Sessions dedicated to Third Party Funders in Arbitration hosted d by the International Chamber of Arbitration of Madrid (CIAM) held during 2022.

The Third Session was devoted to Confidentiality and, in particular, dealt with the following topics:

  • Confidentiality and the duty of disclosure of funding agreements in arbitration.
  • The evolution of the regulation carried out by the main arbitration chambers on the duty of disclosure of funding agreements.
  • Confidentiality in the process of due diligence and negotiation of funding agreements.

It was a pleasure to be part of this event moderated by Lluis Paradell, Of Counsel at Freshfields. The speakers answered the various questions and reflected on issues such as the funder’s obligation to ensure confidentiality with respect to third parties and how this can be articulated through confidentiality agreements.