About Ramco

Cristina Soler

Managing Partner

Ramco is a specialist provider of litigation finance solutions with a strong track record, managed by Spanish litigator Cristina Soler and backed by institutional investors.

Ramco focuses its activities on high value-added areas such as natural resources and energy, regulatory markets, banking and financial markets, renewable energy, capital projects and infrastructure, competition and antitrust and intellectual property.

The team brings together many years of experience in the energy, litigation and finance sectors and has the knowledge and expertise to properly evaluate litigation and arbitration claims.

Ramco helps leading companies and law firms to optimise their legal assets and provides litigation financing in all its forms, including single case and class action litigation, as well as the financing of arbitrations and the purchase of claims, judgments and awards.

Founded in 2017, RAMCO has been involved in the funding of claims with a total value in excess of USD 4 billion, including some of the landmark cases pursued in Spain and other jurisdictions.

Litigation and Arbitration Funding

A new asset class

The claimant’s perspective

A claim with reasonable prospects of success is a business asset. While a company may not be able to reflect the prospective value of a claim in its financial statements, it has a value which access to litigation funding may help to unlock.

While initially third party funding was generally confined to claimants with limited resources, in recent years, even large companies with more than adequate cash resources have been using this funding mechanism on a recurring basis, with the objective of maximising the value and profitability of their litigation assets.

Third-party funding can be used at any stage of the judicial or arbitration proceedings and even when the claimant has already exhausted its own resources in the early stages of the proceedings.

The law firm perspective

Leading law firms face increasing competition in maintaining client relationships. Major law firms are looking for ways to take on more cases and to secure more revenue through alternative fee structures.

Litigation funding provides law firms with the resources to generate new cases and respond to the needs of their clients. Through litigation funding, the claimant can maintain the hourly rate relationship with its lawyers of choice, knowing that the necessary resources will be allocated to the case and the best experts engaged to make the case a success.

The investor’s perspective

Litigation finance is an alternative asset class, with the clear potential to deliver substantial uncorrelated returns.